Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

Coffee lovers are downright serious about their joe and tend to be just as passionate about their chocolate. This polished metal tub is packed with goodies designed to satisfy both cravings. The dense richness of one 12-oz coffee of your choice partners perfectly with the sweet treats tucked inside to melt the heart of any coffee lovin' chocoholic.

Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket includes one 12-oz coffee of your choice, Extra Chocolate Chip cookies - 7.2 oz, Chocolate Almond Biscotti - 6.9 oz, English Toffee Freezie Mix - 4.75 oz, Premium Chocolate Cocoa Mixes (2) - 1.25 oz each, and Hershey Chocolate Bars (2), 1.55 oz each.

Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket
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